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Quick Overview 
    DrugDetective offers two main services to its users. We offer information about the QuickScreen Pro 5 Multi-Drug Test Card and we offer a national directory of drug and alcohol recovery centers.  
QuickSrceen Pro 5 Multi-Drug Test Card
    Used for forensic and qualitative purposes to simultaneously screen and detect the presence of the five most abused drugs or drug metabolites in human urine and will show visually positive or negative results within 3-8 minutes.  Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy), and Opiate (morphine/codeine) screens are all inclusive in this one, easy to use test card.  The size of a credit card, the QuickScreen Pro 5 was developed as a quick and discrete method of drug testing without the time and expense associated with laboratories and clinics. This test is recommended for an all inclusive scan when drug use is suspected but the specific target drug is unknown.
Drug and Alcohol Center Directory
    A nationwide directory of drug and alcohol centers. DrugDetective.com offers a national directory of drug and alcohol centers to all of its users as a free service.  We maintain a large database of centers with new organizations being added daily. So please feel free to take a minute and look for a center or organization near you.

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